Reserve Your Passes Online

 The Bellingham Public Library offers passes and coupons that provide discounted or free admission to area museums and attractions.  We are pleased to offer patrons the convenience of self-reservation of these passes and coupons.  You can now reserve the passes from the comfort of your own home.   

If you are unable to place an online reservation for any reason and would like staff assitance please visit the library or call (508- 966-1660) for assistance.

  • You must be a Bellingham resident, 18 years or older, with a library card in good standing.
  • You must use your library card to make the online reservation.
  • To make a reservation online, you must have a PIN number affiliated with your library card. (You may set one up by logging onto your library account)
  • You may book passes up to 60 days in advance.
  • Returnable passes (except for one day only coupons) must be returned to the library before the library opens the morning after use, so they are available to other patrons.
  • Passes not returned on time (before the library opens) will be assessed a $5.00 per day late fee.
  • Reservations for passes that are not picked up by 12 noon on the reserved day may be cancelled.
  • Patrons can only have 2 reservations during any 60 day period.

Directions for making an online reservation

 Click here to go to the museum pass reservation page. 

 The page will show you the pass calendar for the next three days.  Use the drop downs to change parameters to:

A Specific Pass Attraction
Available Passes
Days Displayed

 If there is a specific day you would like to reserve, just click on that date on the calendar.

 Click on request pass to reserve

            Enter your library barcode number
            Enter your pin number

 Follow the instructions, until you get a message that states Your Pass Reservation is Complete.” 
If you do not receive this message, the reservation is not confirmed.

 Remember to enter your email address during the reservation process.

This option will generate a confirmation email to your email account and you can also select to have an email reminder sent to you one, two or seven days before your reservation.  (We highly recommend that you request an email reminder to help alleviate the problem of forgetting to cancel reservations of passes that you do not intend to use.) 


Canceling your reservation
If you change your mind and will not be using the pass, you can log into the reservation system by clicking on the “My Passes” link (under the calendar) and all of your reservations will show.  Click on “Cancel this Reservation.”  If you are canceling too close to the reservation date, you will see a message that states, “Please call the library to cancel this pass.”  We would appreciate being notified so that we can offer the pass to other patrons.

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All discount passes are funded by the generosity of
the Friends of the Bellingham Public Library



Please note that there is a $5.00 per day charge
for passes that are not returned to the library on time.